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Hello I am Barooq, CCIE # 22087.

I kept a blog at http://ccie-chronicles.blogspot.com and also wrote some articles on http://www.cciecandidate.com during my ccie R/s preperation.

After a hiatus spanning over 8 months, I am back in the game. Prepering for my CCIE security ( The effort has just begun).

I shifted from blogspot for two reasons

1) I want this blog to be about networking in general, not ccie prep particularly.

2)Lets face it, blogspot sucks:)

I will be writing tutorials and general tech talk, predominantly about security related topics (CCIE and general) and will also include my observations, whatever intersting subject I encounter during the prep and at work etc.

I am using INE products (Workbooks only). I have always heard great things about COD, but even after the gracious discount, it was out of my reach.

Hopefully, my first tech post will be there somewhre this week:)

Peace to all